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Meet Sculptor, Marshall E. Poole

“My dream is to bring excitement and beauty to bronze art”

Marshall E. Poole, Bronze Artist



I am an avid hang-glider pilot and scuba diver and am moved by the vastness and freedom I experience in those three-dimensional spaces. I try to recreate those sensations in my abstract sculptures. I am interested in reflecting the forces of nature in bronze and other mixed media--copper, stainless steel, glass and stone.


Much of my inspiration comes from my love of flight, the ocean and the creatures that live there. I try to make my creations mimic the fluidity of water. Snow, ice and rays of light are also elements of nature that I try to incorporate into them. My use of curvilinear and continuous forms might best be described as tribal, echoing the interlacing geometric lines of tattoos or Celtic art.


My wax-pouring techniques have been compared to the drip-painting styles of Jackson Pollock. My first pieces were created from scraps retrieved from under the furnace used to melt the bronze. I later experimented with various pouring techniques of wax and metal into or on various places. My pieces range in size from three feet to nine-and-a-half feet.


I grew up in North Kingstown, R. I., choosing Culinary Arts as my degree in higher education. I graduated in 1990 from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, R. I. I moved to Sedona, Az., where I eventually learned the art of lost-wax, bronze casting.

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