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In many cultures, it is believed that a part of the artist enters every piece he or she creates. I believe this to be true.

My art has been described as abstract, impressionistic and expressionistic; tattoo-like, gothic, weapon-like, Native-American, tribal. The textures, shapes, edges, composition, and colors I use are all abstract reflections of the human experience--sharp, polished, fluid, colorful, harsh, exciting. I blend the raw and primal with grace and symmetry, masculine with feminine, sculpture with painting. I have found that an individual's perception of my art pieces is unique to their personal experiences and beliefs.


         My visions come from many places--a science-fiction movie, tattoos, motorcycles, airplanes. Sometimes, stuff just hits me and I run with it. Over the years, my works have continued to evolve, grow and change, starting out as scrap pulled from under the furnace to the now-deliberate forms; using techniques to guide things in wax, but still letting things happen naturally; doing what I want, but going with the flow. At times, those techniques take their shapes “outside the box”. The creative process is largely solitary. But, when shared in its final form, it becomes a psychosocial and spiritually-nurturing experience, not unlike what one feels when hang gliding, scuba diving or sharing in any common activity.


         My biggest and keystone influences have been from the works of my friend, former boss and mentor, Rich Koury. Years ago, his sculptures struck a chord within me; and he encourages me to this day to evolve with my art. He has given me many directions to try, and I run with them. I also use painting techniques of Jackson Pollock when working with the wax to achieve the desired effects.


It is my hope that something in my art will strike a chord within you.

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